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“Live, love, laugh” they say. Well, Grace Fraga walks the walk (in comfortable heels), and talks, (and talks, and talks) the talk. If laughter is the best medicine, this 2020 inductee into The National Comedy Hall of Fame is your all-night, all-purpose, all-Latina medicine chest. In an Ahh Bra™.

Grace’s Comedy Reel 2020

Get the full-force of Grace in her alls-out, balls-out webcast, “Love at First-Laff: The Green Room Edition.”  With female comic guests that bring it and zing it, it’s your personal, portable comedy night in. So come as you are and leave in a deeper State of Grace..

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Go Blonde-to-Blonde, Host-to-Host & Coast-to-Coast with Grace on ”Rhonda Shear’s Social Hour.”  It’s Girl’s Night on acid as she joins fellow-comedienne and entrepreneur Rhonda Shear for all the dish, all the dirt, and all the gallons of spilled tea you’re thirsting for. 

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Then slip into something… hilarious in the laid-back and oh-so-intimate OnlyFans show, “Lay Down Comedy.”

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and watch this space for the launch of the show that’ll have everyone’s tongues wagging. 

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