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For the funs, the hoots, the hollers, the giggles, grins and laughs, Grace is your gal. Serving up a non-stop fest of quick-witted quips and punchlines that punch back, join Grace on her age old quest for an age-appropriate mate. Or just a date that doesn’t have her crawling out the bathroom window just to get away.


Get the full-force of Grace in her alls-out, balls-out webcast, “Love at First-Laff: The Green Room Edition.”  With female comic guests that bring it and zing it, it’s your all-purpose portable comedy night in. So come as you are and leave in a deeper State of Grace.

Love at First Laff - The Green Room Edition

Go Blonde-to-Blonde, Host-to-Host & Coast-to-Coast with Grace on ”Rhonda Shear’s Social Hour.”  It’s Girl’s Night on acid as she joins fellow-comedienne and entrepreneur Rhonda Shear for all the dish, all the dirt, and all the gallons of spilled tea you’re thirsting for. 

Blonde to Blonde, Rhonda & Grace

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