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Warning: The Love Life you’re living just might be your own. The good news?  Grace is on your case. And on your side in three books on the most Graceful makeover to the takeover of your chance at romance.


Love at First Ex: Self Help Edition

After two breakups in the span of ten months, Grace needed therapy. And when her insurance didn’t cover it, she wrote it down to get it out. 


Love at First Ex: Self-Help Edition, is a practical guide on how to deal with the aftermath of the Break-Up Blues. A raw look at the emotional roller coaster of heartbreak, Grace provides solace and solutions to help you through this choppy ride with love and humor and ultimately, grace.



Love at First Ex: Comedy Edition

What makes a marriage truly successful? Divorce. And the biggest mistake about divorce? Dumping your Exes.

This book will teach you how to maximize your relationships with your ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, ex-lovers, and even ex-booty calls. Learn the foolproof methods and techniques that will turn your exes from horror stories into real-life fairytales.


The Double Life of Grace Fraga

After leaving her native Argentina and marrying the man of her dreams, Grace Fraga discovered that dating and marriage were two mutually exclusive things. And when Mr. Wrong makes it right by loving her enough to let her go, she embarks on a heart-rending, love-blending—and always hilariously mind-bending—double life. Married by day, dating by night. By agreement.


Deeply personal and unusually heartfelt, Grace’s personal story is a frank and funny look at one woman’s personal journey into true selfhood from someone who lives it every day.


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